Our best vacation at Cape Coral

Erstellt am Sonntag, 04. März 2012 17:24

Our best vacation at Cape Coral,                                   October 17, 2011                  by Melanie (Germany)

We had a very welcoming house with an automatic garage door and gorgeous premises on our disposal. We were provided with great ideas for our stay by the landlord and his wife and made our vacation unforgettable with special adventures.

The bright bedrooms and the well equipped bathrooms spoiled our privacy. Even though there were 8 people in the house, we never felt any tightness. The sensational kitchen, which is located in the middle of the house, gave us the possibility to always move in a circle.

The canal made every sunrise and sunset to a special experience. Palm trees and jumping fishes made it easy to enjoy every moment. Every boat trip on the canal, the everglades and the Gulf of Mexico were highlights that we don't want to miss. There are also a lot of activity options within spitting distance, such as shopping malls, beaches etc.

Sincere thanks are given especially to the landlords for the use of the house and we wish every next tenant an equally restorative vacation.